Premium Global Import Ltd

IMPORTANT - IF YOU ARE A TELECOMS SUPPLIER READ THIS - We have not ordered any Virtual/VoIP/Hosted telephony services from you. Please check your order forms and cancel the order. Someone is illegally using our name and addresses to try and fraudulently order telephony services from you, especially in the Birmingham area. He uses a webmail email address (usually Vandex) and obviously won't let you visit/meet him. He also uses other company aliases. Please report his order attempts to the Police ActionFraud website, they are gathering details about him from each attempted order.

Premium Global Import Ltd (London) specialise in supplying European, especially British luxury brands. Our product base is widely varied from categories: Food and Drink, Mother & Baby, Household, Beauty & Health, Sports and Toiletries.

Our products are all brand new and factory sealed and sourced direct from the manufacturer or authorised distributors and our prices are very competitive within the wholesale market. Our prices reflect the top quality of the products and the path to manufacture can be proven, that is how we keep up our long established excellent reputation. Please email us with your product enquiries.

Premium Global Import

Premium Global Import Limited.   Registered in England & Wales 8100276.   VAT registration number 140 9955 94.